Which engine is better? GE90 or Trent XWB?


Boeing all the way!


I agree 100%.


Trent (British is best)


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The GE90 is the greatest engine ever. End of story.


Time to close this, GE90 is better duhhhhhhhhh

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I remember letting out a tear once when I was on a 777-300ER and heard the GE90 spool up for takeoff.

MaxSez: Pratt’s partnership with the Skunk Works lead the way! I’m a Pratt advocate.

They say that the optimal engine size for efficiency is 14feet. They also say that the GE90 is the closest thing to achieving that ratio anytime soon and that GE’s process to creating the GE90 will mean that GE creates the first high efficiency engine ever. This I have to go with the GE90 and that’s why you also should be saying the GE90. Until RR can produce what GE has produced RR will be second. I also explained in a previous topic why RR will be losing its second place production spot to CFM in the next couple of years. RR is banking the companies survival on the Trent XWB. Without it RR has hardly any future customers as the A380 will be finishing up production in the next 5 years and the A330neo isn’t selling that well (186 firm orders isn’t a good outlook especially since the A330-200neo will most likely be folded into the A330-300neo). GE on the other hand has a near monopoly on the single aisle market with both the 737-Max and the A320neo (both use the CFM Leap engines which are a joint venture by GE and Safran). Unless the CSeries can bust that market GE will have a lot more resources to improve the GE90 further into the perfect commercial jet engine.


Trent! Airbus!

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