Which EK would you rather fly?

Seen here Is the Emirates fleet departing from LAX!! Did you know Emirates fleet consists of only Airbus A380s and Boeing 777s? Currently Emirates operates 110 Airbus A380s & 158 Boeing 777s.

Which Emirates aircraft would you rather to fly? The Airbus A380 or the
Boeing 777-300ER?

Having flown on both of them with Emirates several times,I must say I was much more satisfied with my A380 experience.


I’d rather fly the 777s in business class as we can hear some GE90’s roaring through the world!


Nice choice GE90 Is a monster ;) but Business Class on the A380 also means something ;) The upper deck + the onboard bar.


A380, It is just generally more comfortable.


You’re right :)

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Definitely A380.

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77W. Great pics btw

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Remember to give credit to the picture owner, unless that is yourself (:

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Personally I would rather go on the A380 especially when flying Business class because the seat is way better than on the 777s.

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Probably the Boeing 777

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Isn’t there a #real-world-aviation Would You Rather topic?

What about the Boeing 777-200LR?

I’d like their A380 first class

  • 777-300
  • A380
  • 777-200LR

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10 of the 158 Boeing 777s In Emirates fleet are B777-200LRs :)

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