Which do you use for callsign United Airlines or SkyWest?

This is another wondering if you guys use the correct callsign. If you fly the United livery on the CRJ-200 you can use the United Airlines callsign but really you have to use the SkyWest callsign because they own that aircraft but merged with United and have there logo. Also since SkyWest doesn’t own the Dash 8 owned by CommutAir and there is no CommutAir callsign you can also put SkyWest callsign. Then the E-170 is owned by Shuttle America so you can also put the SkyWest callsign. All in all I do have a little peev if I see anybody in an aircraft that is owned by the companies that fly for United Airlines. P.S this is an opinion but some information is true.

Asking for these few missing callsigns would be a great idea to post in “features”. As it would bring to game to another level of realism, as in the regions we have for now, we can fly some full real world flights, using the callsigns you quote in your post.

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Thanks but really those airlines fly under United Express so it may just have the United logo.

Unless I was just misunderstanding this scenario, I’ve heard controllers in real life call United Express aircraft with an “A.C.” prefix. Like “AC258 -instruction-”.
Besides that, I usually just use “United” prefix in IF.

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