Which do you prefer night time landings or morning time landings?

Is it the runway lights? Is it the landing gear?

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The title question is actually a discussion that I would love to hear. I usually only land and takeoff during the Day time but I know that some fly realistic and will takeoff, fly and land at night and they love it.

Is it the runway lights? Is it the landing lights showing nicely? I’d love to hear

Now regarding this,

Almost all landings are the same. But i’ve attempted a nighttime landing at TFFJ and lets just say that it didn’t go so well… :/


I love nighttime flights especially when there is moonlight looks very realistic


Night time landings are awesome


You can get the most beautiful screenshots during sunrise and sunset, so I’d settle for those times.

(Flying at night isn’t very fun as we don’t have ground illuminating landing or taxi lights nor taxiway lightning)


I try to fly as much as I can in ‘real time’, so when it’s night, it’s night.
But when on the platform, I ‘turn on the lights’. Will keep doing this until we have effective landing and platform lights.


I change the time to match that of the flight I am copying so I do not really have a preference but I would choose sunset time or current time if I am just flying without a flight to copy

Nightime landings are fun because of looking at the stars

Love landing at night. The moon is always stunning!

I do like landing at night, but have to confess that I look for real-world flights that will have daylight departure and arrival times simply because I enjoy moving around airports on IF a lot less when it’s low light. If I’m going to be doing that manoeuvring when it’s also actually dark here in the UK then it’s not an issue (I can turn off all the lights in the room if necessary), but if it’s daylight outside then even with the screen brightness on full it can still be difficult to see the taxiways, particularly with certain combinations of paving surface and line marking thickness. I don’t much want to be having to move into my bedroom (where there are blackout curtains).

I love how the game looks at sunrise and sunset, particularly if there’s mountains around. I’ve also had some amazing views of scenic parts of the world at night by moonlight.

Flying at night during all phases of flight is great. My preference is to land at night. Because it’s much easier to do a visual approach and to see the VASI’s, they tend to get washed out during the day. I don’t like to taxi at night due to the lack of taxi way lights and direction signs. Unless I know the airport well I’m always taxiing around during the day to ensure a safe operating environment and to see where I’m going.

Rob O

I love night flying in general, unfortunately not very enjoyable at the moment. Hope it changes soon

Love night flights and landing. But taxi is noon or sunrise. Unless I am really familiar with the airport.

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Well, I always land at noon specifically. I would use nighttime if we had ground lights but for now I’ll only use it when visibility it low, I find it easier then

In IRL I love night time landing due to all the lights but in infinite flight I hate flying once it gets dark due to the very bad lighting in the game. I actually prefer to stay away from the night and make all my flights around sunrise or the morning so I can avoid the dark. But I am sure my opinion will change sometime this year.

I always land with the runway lit. I just find it easier to approach with that extra bit of assistance.

I prefer early morning landings as the lack of illumination during the night hurts my eyes and I fear of crashing.

Errmmm. Let’s go for something in between i guess. Sunrise. I my opinion Sunrise landings are the best. You would be able to see the taxiway easily and the scenery is amazing with sunrise. If you would ask me between the two, it depends on my mood, if I feel ‘realistic’ I’d prefer a night landing.

I prefer mornings nights it gets hard when I have taxi to parking.

I like landing during the daytime because I can actually see the taxiways clearly.