Which do you prefer A330 or 767

Hey guys i need your very honest opinion cause my parents decided to allow me buy one plane on IF and I haven’t decided which one to get but basically it between the A330 and the 767 so I made this poll to know which of the two to get.

  • *Airbus A330
  • *Boeing 767

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I would say to get the A330 but personally I reckon the quality and physics of the B767 on IF are better than the A330, that might just be me who thinks that.


I love the A330. To me its one of the best aircraft on IF. I fly it regularly and I enjoy the current physics of the aircraft. I know many people have votes for the rework of it and I hope it’s better than it is now.

The 767 is a great aircraft too. I can’t seem to fault it but the A330 I my choice for personal reasons.


I would choose the B763. Nice aircraft for domestic and international flights. Also a Boeing guy, so…


Personally I prefer the A330. It doesn’t have the best physics but between the two I enjoy flying the A330 more

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Hey, where’s that Aircraft? I’ve never seen it before 😂

But the 767 will be my next favorite aircraft to fly when it gets redone. I haven’t even touched it in Global, i’m waiting for the rework.

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Of all of the aircraft in Infinite Flight, these two are one of the worst paywares in the game. If you haven’t locked in on these two yet, I would recomend the 787 and 777 as these are some of the newest aircraft, and highest quality, out there.


The 767 is just disgusting. Don’t get me wrong I love the 767 in real life but in the game it’s just really difficult to fly. The physics are not that good and it cruises with its nose faced down

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I rather the a330. I really like the look of the plane, specially the tilt of the landing gear.

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Airbus seems to be “more popular” 😂 I didn’t know Joystick pilots were in favor

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2 crappy physics and livery aircraft in IF hmmmm I do not know about this one

I would get neither. The 777 or 787 are some of the best planes in the game so I would choose one of those.


I wouldn’t buy any of those. I would buy a Pro subscription which include all the aircrafts.

Between these two, the B767, even tough IRL I prefer the A330.

The B767 was the first ‘payware’ aircraft that I bought for IF, many moons ago (long before live let alone global) so I will always have a soft spot for her. I find her much easier to fly then the A330 which I am always closer to stalling when on finals, not sure if it has better or wrose IRL physcis then the other…

However given a choice B777 used to be my favourite, now very much over taken by the MD11F…

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sorry man A330 have over 500 votes for rework, a lot more than 767 :P
(just saying)

between the 2 options I would prefer the 767, but as @Kevin_Potthast said, if you haven’t got the 777 or 787, take one of them instead…

edit : if the A330 rework really going to happen, I will pick this definitely :)