Which device you use to for Infinite Flight

Hello fellas, which device do you use to play Infinite Flight and how does it perform? I currently use a Samsung Galaxy S8 plus and it runs really smooth.


I phone X. Also works like a charm, but I hear using bigger devices like IPADS are better

iPhone XR. It runs amazing.


I use a phone. Runs great.

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Pixel 2 is awesome. (totally didn’t have a battery defect in it which caused me to send it away for a week and it taking 2 weeks for me to get a new phone but it is okey dokey i legit forgot to put periods in the sentence but you can breathe that long)


I feel like this topic is going to cause a massive OS discussion 🤔

Anyways, i use a pretty old iPad for IF, hoping to upgrade later this year.

iPad mini 4. Laggy as hek, but i’ve logged almost 1k hours on that. Gets the job done lol. @BadPlane has the same.

This might become one of those huge threads.

Anyway, my iPad 17’ works great, no lag on max graphics.


iPad 5th Gen 2017. Although we all know android is best ;)


Would iPads or iPhones be better for IF?
I don’t know what android has though, have never had one

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iPad has a bigger screen…

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iPhone 7.

But I’m really curious that if I have an android device at the same time , do I need to purchase another IF in google play?

Yes you will need to purchase infinite flight again however your subscription gets carried over.

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iPad Pro 12.9 3rd Gen performs very well with graphics maxed out but it is incredibly heavy. It took a while to get used to it.

Well, maybe I will upgrade to another iPad or iPhone later (:」∠)_

I use an iPhone XR and it runs great! Limit Frame Rate is a must for cruise, without it the phone tends to over heat.

I use an iPad mini 4 like @Suhas. But mine runs super smooth and does not lag. But I did just get that iPad 2 and a half months ago.

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My setup

iPad Pro 11
Logitech Extreme 3D Pro


IPhone 6s that works surprisingly well… for now and it gets REALLY HOT

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Ye I have a 6s as well. Phone gets really hot often. Have to use lowest graphic settings. Still runs smooth though

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