Which Device is good for Infinite flight?

Hi! Im planning on to get a new Ipad. From apple. 😂 And i am a fps player, so i want a device that can handle a high grapich setting and have mutch FPS. It dont need to be the best device in the world. What do you think is a good device with a good price? Have a nice day everybody! 🙂

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What’s your budget?

Depending on my experience with it, i can say that iPad Air 2019 is a very good device that can handle IF efficiently


Have a look at this thread here, to see which device you prefer!


I personally have an iPad Air (2019 model), it’s quite affordable (starts at USD499)and can run IF comfortably at maximum settings. I’ve done 12+ hour overnighters without experiencing crashing as well.

Super satisfied with its performance, would recommend for sure

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