Which delivery company do you like more (comment if you dislike)

  • FedEx plane
  • Ups plane

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none of the above

Poll is a bit understated , am I voting for who I dislike or who I like ?


You forgot DHL, TNT and Amazon ;)


I would have added Royal Mail to the poll as they are a big one in the UK

You forgot Qantas freight

Fedex owns TNT and TNT is pretty much like UPS but for Europe.


I can’t believe I forgot that about TNT 🤣

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I didnt know this at all till I started working for one of these companies, which explains why im not on here all the time. Lol crazy hours.

Agreed, very confused

Since it’s unclear, I’ll leave my vote here.

I prefer FedEx as they actually put my package under my porch when it rains and knock to see if I’m home before leaving it out.

But I also like UPS as they deliver near the evening, not so early in the morning.

Same I would say both

TNT is cool but I don’t think it’s a livery on mdmd11

Wouldn’t this count as repitittion?

My decision for Fedex is strictly based on the the reliability of services as a delivery company. In my experience Fedex has always been on time, more so than UPS. I also prefer purple over brown any day.

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UPS because they delivered my shoes early. Other than that I rarely go with UPS so I’m not sure.

i like FedEx mostly because my dad flies the 757-200 for them, but they also have bester costumer service, and they treat there pilots and staff better than ups.

Nice does he fly good

yes my dad has been flying for over 25 years, he is also in the reserves as a major, going to a lieutenant curial this summer, and he a captain on the KC-135R he sends me some really cool pictures.

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