Which cockpit view is better?

Which cockpit view do you guys prefer?



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The default would be more realistic I guess. The pilot would have to sit on a very big cushion to get so high like your custom one!

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I only make custom views during takeoff so I can see the airspeed indicator more easily

honestly i cant even make out the difference


I would chose custom cause on my other fav plane I can’t see the localizer/ glide slope clearly when landing so I usually set internal cam and it will look similar to the one in your pic

I don’t really have a preference, I just stick with the default view and add/subtract zoom as necessary.

Actually no, Irl the pilots sit so that they cannot see the white balls (blocked by the red ones) in between the 2 front cockpit windows. That’s how they know they are in the right position. The IF view is off.