Which Callsign is more realistic

Just wondering if anyone could help me but is it more realistic to use the Airline callsign or the general aviation callsign


If you are flying with a GA aircraft, use a country of origin callsign. Or if you are flying with an airline use thier callsign. Simple


Thank you :)


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I‘m glad to see someone who wants to stay realistic 😍 ( we need more people like this)

So that‘s simple

If you fly General Aviatoin / G/A Planes so just use their country callsign.

If you fly for an Airline just use their Airline callsign.

If you‘re above 136t. // 300,000lb (that’s called MTOW) then use at the end of your callsign Heavy.

If you‘re flying an A380 / An-225 then use Super at the end.

If you‘re in a formation flight, use Flight of xxxx.

Thats it :)


But MTOW is different for each aircraft. So do we use heavy above 136t for all aircrafts ?

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Yeah normally 136t is generally

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Alright !! Thanks :)

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Thanks to letting me know :D

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Any aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight above that uses heavy, regardless of if it is operating above that weight on that particular flight. As a general rule of thumb that’s basically all wide body aircraft.

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