Which call sign is best?


I was wondering. When I fly I usually just have my call sign as “[Airline] 55”

But is it better to have a fixed call sign?


I normally change my Callsign based on the airline and airplane.


Yeah. But it seems good to have a fixed call sign too!

I have the same username on every video game

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I have. A general callsign…never change it

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The first callsign IF ever gave me was N490ME so I always use that when flying GA. When flying other planes I do [Airline] 4 9 0.

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Interesting !

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What is it?

I do that. But it’s not my original call sign I don’t think.

VT-ZOCPG is my callsign

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Just fly with whatever you want. :) I fly company, you can use company or a fixed one. Just keep it as short as possible, us controllers don’t like if you have a really long callsign… :)

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mine is always just (airline) 375

Thank you!!

Instead of debating and making a big thread u shud know what do these general callsigns mean…I c lots of ppl (including me at a time) ho had “N” as the starting of the callsign… It is the registration of ur country’s commercial plane…in dis case USA…hence I google up n found of my country and updated it…so engage in the brighter part of the debate…it isn’t bad to have “n” …but it gives more pleasure to have ur country registration initial on ur callsign

Calm down… lol


I have it fixed so people know who I am lol.

I always use “airline 3 49”. Number stays the same. Airline changes based on livery. Adds realism for me.

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I fly with one callsign, primarily so those who I interact with can hear me on the radio and know what I’m up to. It also helps me find them. A constant callsign change in this case I couldn’t be followed… sometimes I need it though… since @GHamsz likes to follow me…



N851TB, when you say it, it’s really cool. ;)

Or just 851TB

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I fly company if I’m flying an airline livery, if not I use G-1C3Y.

If you use a fixed one be sure to include a correct prefix for your country (N for US, C for Canada, G for GB etc)