Which cabin window lights look better? A321 or 777-200ER

  • A321 ect
  • 777-200ER ect

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I think the 777-200ER because they look more realistic. A321 cabin lights are too bright!


Etc* btw. Also, planes like the a321 have stronger lighting that the 777, at least from what I experienced in real life.


Something in the middle. The A321 looks like it is at the terminal, while the 777 looks like the lighting is dimmed for sleeping.


I don’t remember which aircraft it was in IF, maybe it was the 777, but you could see something that looked like a cabin with the cabin lights on

the 787 cabin lights are too dull. :( why cant they all be the same

The cabin lights were dimmed to give a more realistic feeling. In real life, no aircraft takes off or lands with full brightness - they usually only use it when serving food or boarding/deboarding. :)


Lol it kind of bugs me how the window shades aren’t fully up while on final.


I think the -300ER lights are the best…you might think it has an interior from certain angles


Yes, when I was landing at Manchester a few weeks back the captain announced that the lights would be dimmed during approach, although it was the first time that’s ever happened. Presumably it’s to reduce the impact the lights have on nearby residents, although I’m not certain.

I think the cabin lights on the a320 family are too bright.

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It’s so in case of emergency, your eyes don’t have to adjust to the dark. It’s to let your night vision get used to the dark. Helpful in an evacuation


Ah I see, thank you. I will say, however, that I was not impressed with the fact that the IFE was turned off and I missed the end of Argo.

Usally, at least in the U.S they are turned off. Ive never seen them only dimmed when landing. So you have somewhat of a point there. Idk

No, truth be told I think they may have been turned off and my mind has just made up that they were dimmed. I was half asleep to be honest. It was a 787 and I think the lighting above the overhead bins may have stayed on and I took that to mean the lights were still on, however the main cabin lights were off I think.

Hahah ok makes sense

What is IFE? And Argo?

IFE= in-flight entertainment, Argo= a film from 2012 with Ben Affleck which details the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis. Basically Thomson had an unusual selection of films.

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