Which Cabin is this?

Hey guys, so I’m looking into flying to San Juan, and I saw American uses a 777-200 from MIA-SJU. However, knowing how there are a billion some American Airlines cabins, I don’t know which one this is. Could someone help me identify it? Pictures are below.

As far as I know, American only has one 772 cabin, as they completed the retrofits a little while back

First two pictures are Business Class (technically domestic First Class if you’re on a domestic flight)

Third picture with the orange is Premium Economy. Not sure if that was what you were asking. If not, then:

American has two different Business Class seats on the 777-200ER.

First type is the Zodiac Concept D seat which as rear-facing seats (picture is a 788 interior, but same seat)

Second type is the Super Diamond with all forward-facing seats. (Again, 787 cabin, but same seat)


Depending on the day you look up the seat map for the flight, it may be too early to tell which of the two seats you’ll get.

If you see the seat map gets updated to have “rear facing”, that confirms it’ll be operated by the Zodiac Concept D seats. But even if it shows that, it can still change before the actual flight.


So does the Business cabin affect any part of economy? I found a good seat for the Zodiac layout, but would it stay the same for other cabins?

All Premium Economy and Economy Class layout and seats on AA’s 772s are identical no matter the Business seat


either way its a great cabin anyway. enjoy your trip!

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