Which ATC Recruiter did you contact?

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As the title says, which ATC Recruiter did you contact? Was the recruiter a bit chill and how long did you wait on average for your answer?

I’m willing to join the IFATC and i’m ready to do those tests!

Reason for this topic: I’ve heared that people had to wait weeks for an Answer and i want to prevent this.

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I’m on vacation. Chill. ;)


Haha i understand, man i’m so hyped to do the tests and hoping for a legendary spot on the expert server as an ATC

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All of the recruiters do a fantastic job of getting you into IFATC. My advice for you is to choose one that’s in roughly the same location as you, so that timezones aren’t an issue.

Heed the notice that was linked by Josh above, and contact one after the break when you’re ready. Best of luck; I hope to see you in IFATC soon!


I was with @anon66442947 but then he was permanently removed from the IFC (I believe it was his choice) and I stopped my IFATC process after that.

I advise contacting @Tyler_Shelton as he has the timezone information of all of his recruiters. That’s what I did when I didn’t know which recruiter was closer to me :/.

But wait until the deadline for the holiday of the recruiters to end to send the PM to the recruiter that is closest to your timezone.


I messaged Adam Williams… prompt reply, courteous… no problems whatsoever.

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Currently I’m in contact with @Julius97. He has been very kind and helpful and he is close to my time zone.

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