Which app would you use more?

Hello! I have been working on a few apps for IF lately and I wanted to know which ones you would actually use or you would find useful. All of the apps are free.

  • Auto Heading/Altitude updater when an ATC instruction is received
  • Auto Checklist
  • voice activated commands

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Below show the examples for each of the apps.

Auto Checklist
  1. You select a stage of the flight and all the needed settings will be set accordingly to the type of aircraft
voice activated commands
  1. You speak into the mic: “flaps down”
  2. Then the flaps will automatically go down by 1
Auto Heading/Altitude updater when an ATC instruction is received

This is the hardest one to make so if this one wins it will take the longest to make

  1. When ATC tells you:
    “turn left heading 260, decent and maintain 3000ft”

  2. Then the plane will turn left heading 260 and descend to 3000 ft.


Ooo the auto heading updater seems quite useful! Looking forward to the release of you app!

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Yeah, I will post it here!

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I like the concept of the auto-aligner, but I feel it takes away from the pilot experience of the sim. Otherwise the other ideas seem pretty cool!

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The main reason of the voice activated commands is so that its is almost like having another pilot in the cockpit! and the same for auto checklist and the auto heading and atc instruction simply incase you miss the command given to you.

These sound awesome!

However, personally I try to use automation sparingly so I’m not actually sure how much I’d use these specific apps.

They sound cool though and I wish you luck in making them :)

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I think the auto checklist is a great idea. The auto heading would take away from the realism… i understand it would make it easier but its funner to just do everything yourself. That’s why i voted for the auto checklist

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