Which Alliance Livery is Better?

  • Star Alliance
  • oneworld
  • SkyTeam

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Let’s start from Star Alliance First!


And then last but not Least, SkyTeam

Comment which one you prefer most! ;)
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Star Alliance all the way!


Agree with this one! Especially SQ’s one (All White Livery)

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  • Star Alliance is nice. It keeps the color of the winglets
  • Sky team is also nice. But takes the color off the winglets
  • OneWorld takes the color of the fuselage away
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They all need to work on their liveries IMO


I don’t like one world’s livery. So plain and boring.


Yeah, I Think it (OneWorld Livery) depends on the Livery. If the Livery is bad… no words

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Oneworld looks clean
Star Alliance is good

Skyteam is bad

My vote goes to OW


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They’re all boring. Oneworld uses the airline’s logo on the tail, Star Alliance is quite boring and Skyteam has the symbol on the fuselage (which I don’t like). I chose Skyteam, but I like Qantas’ Oneworld livery more.

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Oneworld all the way


Star alliance because it looks better and it’s also a livery Turkish airlines use :D

I don’t particularly like how the alliance livery takes over most of the airline livery, hence why I like the Oneworld livery…(but imo all liveries do need a bit of work :/ )

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I actually love the One World livery.

This babe


Oneworld livery looks good but only takes away colour of fuselage depending on the airline