Which Alliance Livery is Better?

  • Star Alliance
  • oneworld
  • SkyTeam

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Let’s start from Star Alliance First!


And then last but not Least, SkyTeam

Comment which one you prefer most! ;)
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Star Alliance all the way!


Agree with this one! Especially SQ’s one (All White Livery)

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  • Star Alliance is nice. It keeps the color of the winglets
  • Sky team is also nice. But takes the color off the winglets
  • OneWorld takes the color of the fuselage away
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They all need to work on their liveries IMO


I don’t like one world’s livery. So plain and boring.


Yeah, I Think it (OneWorld Livery) depends on the Livery. If the Livery is bad… no words

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Oneworld looks clean
Star Alliance is good

Skyteam is bad

My vote goes to OW


They’re all boring. Oneworld uses the airline’s logo on the tail, Star Alliance is quite boring and Skyteam has the symbol on the fuselage (which I don’t like). I chose Skyteam, but I like Qantas’ Oneworld livery more.

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Oneworld all the way


Star alliance because it looks better and it’s also a livery Turkish airlines use :D

I don’t particularly like how the alliance livery takes over most of the airline livery, hence why I like the Oneworld livery…(but imo all liveries do need a bit of work :/ )

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I actually love the One World livery.

This babe


Oneworld livery looks good but only takes away colour of fuselage depending on the airline