Which airports have gust now?

I wanted to have a topic that inform people about airports with gusts for all times.

Why did i do it, because i want to know airports with hard landing conditions. But i don’t know how i can learn it. I know windy.com but i can’t understand it so much. And it cannot show airport places.

Someone can write that “EGKK is gusty now” and others can try to fly there.

I checked for duplication but i couldn’t see.

If i did something wrong while opening the topic, please help, thank you.

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You can use a website called badbadweather.com


You could also use this thread


Thank you all, especially badbadweather was the thing that i looked for.

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You’re welcome @CK777 :) Happy to help.

Windy.com does have METARs for each airport. Just go to their website then search using the airport’s ICAO.


I second the app Windy. You can even select different altitudes to see wind conditions at cruise level, ground level, etc.

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