Which airport will be busier?

sorry to ask again, considering cyyc and cyyz are both big airports. i wanna ask since i never been to canada in infinite flight. which one gets busier on average when its featured.


Toronto can get quite a popular airport, however Calgary is the first mentioned airport in schedule along with the featured airline WestJet which has its base in Calgary. Personally I think Calgary will be the most busiest. I’ll be flying in and around Calgary almost all day at least.


I’ll be flying CYYC to CYYZ or CYYZ to CYYC depending on which one is busier

As @Ecoops123 said it’s likely that the one mentioned first in the ATC schedule is the busier of the two. You can never know for sure though. If you want to, you can also check the „Arrivals“ number on the screen where you press „FLY“ on Thursday before you decide which one to go for.

It’s kind of a 50/50 chance because CYYZ is a really popular airport and CYYC is the first one mentioned like stated above but both will most likely have almost equal traffic.

I think it’ll be pretty 50/50. Being they’re both major airports, it’s likely many people will do flights between the two

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Toronto is the #1 busiest in Canada… Calgary is 4th… (I think Toronto will be busier)

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