Which airport is the best in the world?

I also forgot Hong Kong, Las Cruces, Monterrey, Barcelona, Rome, Athens, Novosibirsk, please don’t start with me. I didn’t need every airport in the world.

Best airports from 2016 travels:

Large: DXB (Dubai International)
Medium: TPA (Tampa International)
Regional: Oakland or Memphis

Runner up:

  1. Zurich
  2. London Heathrow


  1. LGA (LaGuardia)
  2. Any airport in Greece
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Yes, yes he did. :p

but its not that big so whats the point?

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I was there yesterday SY249 MSP-JFK the visibility was about 2 meters and it was night time


Probably LAX or SAN, maybe I’m just biased but whatever. Both airports are simple to get through (especially SAN) and have a decent restaurant selection.

Im genuenly being serious here but i think Newark Liberty is the best.

Geneva airport one of the best for me

Not Singapore…
Probably KMSP, it has two nice terminals, loooonnnggg runways, and a plane spotting area!

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Yeah, it also has loooong terminals that made me miss my connecting flight 😤😓

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What terminal was it? I know terminal 1 Lindbergh has lots of moving walkways, I go there a lot. I’ve never been to terminal 2 before.

I’ve forgotten, it was last summer.

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HKG, you can take a 30-minute stroll and see planes from all over the world at one big building with huge windows. For efficiency, no one beats NRT, the Japanese has security down. For Convenience, YXX, nothing like getting out the plane door and into a cab within 2 minutes. Seriously impressive.

Okay, this is going to sound really corny, but my personal favorite is KLAX in Los Angeles, CA. This airport is fit for almost any aircraft, with its for extending runways facing the ocean and facing downtown LA. Also, the thousands of flights that take off throughout the day. You can see an ERJ-190 holding short to the next plane which is an A388. I like LAX, and that’s that!

Cmon…cmon…cmoooon lol guys you know me it’s Denver International for the easy win. Most amazing airport I’ve visited.

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MADRID. BARAJAS. It’s huge and takes you about 10 mins to pass through

Well If youu are talking North America the 4 major airports in Florida recently were ranked as the best in North America.

Pretty sure flights wouldn’t be operating if the visibility was 2 metres…

I could barely see the end of the wing and planes can fly in heavy fog

Take a look at this. This should solve all of the headaches in this thread. http://www.worldairportawards.com/Awards/world_airport_rating.html