Which airport is gonna be the busiest tomorrow

Just wondering which airport TNCA ,TNCB TNCC
Might be busy since some long haul flights can come in

My guess would be TNCC

I have my bets on TNCC followed by TNCA.

Bonaire will be the quietest given its size, but Aruba and Curaçao are both similarly sized and have a similar spread of destinations. TNCC will probably a bit busier.

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A bit more time might have to pass for this system to be accurate but currently TNCA is showing 8 arrivals while TNCC and TNCB are one each. My bets are on TNCA.

The busiest airport will be the airport with the most aircraft in the airspace and on the ground.




It’s TNCA 12, TNCB 2 and TNCC 8 right now so I would also go with TNCA (and TNCC as the second one). These two are the also the busier ones of the three as well.
Also TNCA is mentioned first int he FNF thread, so this might be a factor pushing it a bit more than TNCC.

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