Which airport has the smaller runway?

Which runway is smaller the one in st marten or the one at WMBT/ tioman


WMBT Has a smaller runway

what runway would you prefer to have the smallest runway?

I’d prefer the longer one. You’ll need more space to land for the heavier aircraft.

would you land a 747 in st marten or a A380

Probably a 747

This is getting off topic.


sorry would you say KAVX has a smaller runway than TNCM

which plane would be harder to land at st marten the Boeing 747-8i or Airbus A380-800

Again, this is off topic to the original post.

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WMBT definitely

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WMBT so small

Scheduled flights are no more

Possible factor is low demand but also, it can be the dangerous approach…

You do know that if you click the airport on the map, and press runways, it shows runway length, right?

EHBX, but we are removing it :)

Hahaha please count that as an exception! :P

That airport would be functional for VTOL aircraft though xD

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