Which Airport has the most difficult approach in Infinite flight?

I nominate Kai Tak (VHHK)!

It of course always depends on how well you follow the chart in order to really be able to differentiate between difficulties. Paro for example is hard in my opinion, but if you freestyle it, it becomes pretty easy. Innsbruck also has a difficult one, maybe not the hardest one though. Leh Airbase (VILH) also has quite a tough procedure in my opinion. Tivat on one side of the runway also requires stable hands. Aspen also sometimes is a challenge but is manageable in my opinion. St. Helena which is a medium hard approach in itself due to the short runway becomes a lot harder due to the wind shear that often occurs on short final. This is a good example of weather making a relatively easy approach really hard.

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Mine isn’t the most difficult, it’s just that I haven’t flown to a lot. And that airport is Queenstown/NZQN

Queenstown and Khasab Airport to me were the most difficult ones to land at.

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