Which airport has long taxi way?! IT WAS KPAM

Guys I’m going crazy! I remember landing at a 3D airport which had a long taxi way to the runway almost through a canyon or between two hills! Which airport was this? I can’t remember !

Check your logbook, or look back at replays if you did this recently.

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Narrow it down for us. What country were you in?

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Maybe KDEN?

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Long taxiway

You would not be thinking of Amsterdam if you land on Runway 36L/18R (AKA the Polderbaan) right? I only say this cause those little mounds they have to stop the sound could have been loaded into the sim as little hills. But it really depends if they mean the airport is between the mountains or the taxiway. Cause if it is 3D the airport boundary should have been changed to level the landscape around it in a reasonable distance


KDEN is not in the mountains, it is at least 30 miles from the foothills!

Definitely not.

Could be Paro.

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It could literally be any airport. We don’t have much description other than a long taxiway and it’s 3D



As stated above please provide more info!



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Definitely EHAM when using 18R for landing.

Lots of 3D airports now. Its gotta be one of the few hundred out there. Checking your logbook as others have stated will be your quickest way to finding your answer.