Which airport do you usually go to for plane spotting?

I go to Manchester a lot. It’s got its own viewing area and if you’re up early enough, you can see the morning rush of heavies.

I can spot at VHHH for whole day!!!

we even get the 787 now from qatar

Also nice.
The A350👍🏽

I’ve been plane spotting at Swamp Road right near Sydney airport a couple of time, its quite a good spot.

I usually spot at Zurich (ZRH/LSZH) or at Geneva (GVA/LSGG). :)

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Since Boston-Logan (KBOS) is close to where I live, I usually spot there.

I go to John F. Kennedy (KJFK) because it’s the closest airport to me, is one of the biggest in the world, and provides a HUGE variety of aircraft and airlines.

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I usually go to KSTL airport. I used to go MPTO or MPMG when I lived in Panama.

KHPN, a lot of JetBlue E190’s and A320’s. Some regional jets as well. If LGA is doing RWY 4 arrivals, I usually get those as they fly right over my house.

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I do KMIA there is this neat spot beside the threshold of rnwy 09!

KJFK, KLGA and rarely, KEWR.

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I haven’t gone to any commercial airports to spot but whenever I’m at my grandparents I usually will go out with my grandpa and go spotting at KVLL in Troy (grandparents live in Clawson a small community outside of Troy) it’s like a two minute drive and being what it is for an airport we only see GA aircraft for the most part and occasionally a helicopter and even seen a banner dropped and then a new one picked up. I’ve never spotted a jet because you have to be their at the right time but usually you can find small ones flying in a couple times a week in the evening. The coolest part about all this is if the wind is right you can have planes departing from KDTW only a couple thousand feet above you and you see everything from little crjs to 747s. Sorry kind of a long story but thought it would be cool to share

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I just got into spotting and I like Chicago O’Hare international ( when I’m not in Jacksonville FL) almost every minute there’s a plane landing and there’s a bridge that’s on top of a highway and plane goes over you and lands in front

Usually KMLI but I’ll be at KSTL in about a month for a little spotting.

Founders Plaza of DFW


I spot at KLGA, KHPN, and KJFK. Check my topics!

I’m sure you would come to Soetta for spotting 😂

Located only around 4km from my house, Soetta (Soekarno Hatta) airport in Jakarta is my favourite place to go for spotting (WIII)

Usual aircrafts that can be seen :

  • 737-800s (Sriwijaya, Lion, Garuda Indonesia, Batik)
  • A320s (Citilink, Batik, AirAsia)
  • A330-200/300 (Garuda Indonesia, Lion, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, SriLankan, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines and Etihad)
  • 777-300/ER (Garuda Indonesia, Singapore Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, China Airlines, EVA Air, Cathay Pacific and Etihad)
  • 787-8/9 (ANA, JAL, Qatar)

Usually I would come to CGK every weekend when I’m free and spot some SIA and CPA planes 😍

My only 2 spotting trips…

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EIDW (Dublin, Ireland)

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