Which airport do you usually go to for plane spotting?

Hello Community,
This is just a pure question of interest, but where do you usually go for plane spotting? An airport, a viewing terrace, etc.

I usually go to Adelaide Airport in the afternoon because that is usually the time when it is the busiest and most of the heavies arrive at that time.


wow. your from adelaide . I also am from adelaide. I usually go spotting there and I will be going to rome fco in a few weeks

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Any airport as long as there are aircraft.


Just as close to the fence as I can :p Our viewing platform was closed :/

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LSZH is my spottong airport.


I go to Geneva airport it has one of the best spotting places in the world personnaly! :)

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what aircrafts are there at Geneva? I would like to know more about there!

MuchA320 (easyjet, swiss), A319, A321, B777(EK), A330(Swiss,Qatar), B737(El Al, Ryanair)

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wow, beautiful. would love to see them when I go there one day!
here in Adelaide, we get
Jetstar (a320 and a3 everything else
tiger air (a320,737)
virgin Australia (embr 190 and crj and 737, a320)
rex regional
Qantas (737)
Singapore airlines (a330-300)
Malaysia airlines (a330-300)
cathay pacific (a330-300)
Fiji airways in a few months
china southern airlines (a330-200)
emirates (b777-300er)
Qatar airways (a350-900xwb)
cant remember any others.

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Johannesburg! The biggest in Africa. We have a wide variety of African and international Airlines.

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I go to Manchester a lot. It’s got its own viewing area and if you’re up early enough, you can see the morning rush of heavies.

I can spot at VHHH for whole day!!!

we even get the 787 now from qatar

Also nice.
The A350👍🏽

I’ve been plane spotting at Swamp Road right near Sydney airport a couple of time, its quite a good spot.

I usually spot at Zurich (ZRH/LSZH) or at Geneva (GVA/LSGG). :)

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Since Boston-Logan (KBOS) is close to where I live, I usually spot there.

I go to John F. Kennedy (KJFK) because it’s the closest airport to me, is one of the biggest in the world, and provides a HUGE variety of aircraft and airlines.

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I usually go to KSTL airport. I used to go MPTO or MPMG when I lived in Panama.

KHPN, a lot of JetBlue E190’s and A320’s. Some regional jets as well. If LGA is doing RWY 4 arrivals, I usually get those as they fly right over my house.

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