Which airport are you most excited to fly to in IF with buildings?

LGAV is one of my favourite airports

Yes, KJFK is the best airport in my opinion. Could not agree more with that statement.

I cant wait for Manchester Airport

I can’t wait for Mumbai (VABB),as it has A gorgeous terminal

and also as it’s home to 3 big VA’s

ORD and DFW somehow haven’t gotten buildings yet 🤷‍♂️


Montreal or Toronto would be nice since they are both Air Canada’s hub, but id rather CYUL since its my home airport :)

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ENGM, definitely

I’d also love to see CYUL because of Air Transat

I really want CYVR to have 3D buildings because flying into that airport is nice

My favorite airport/airbase in Dublin; Casement Aerodrome (EIME)

Air Transat is uh…Not in a good position as you can see all the grounded planes behind a picture I took 2 weeks ago.

Doesn’t change my wish to see the livery and the CYUL buildings in game. 🤷‍♀️

True, Hope Air Transat will come back though.

I was also wondering how they haven’t gotten buildings yet. Also KATL

afonso pena international airport brazil (cwb)

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CYEG, my home airport

VVTS, my home airport and I have a good memory at this airport

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So happy to see the addition of Istanbul New Airport!


From Turkey LTBA 🇹🇷💜

Great to see Istanbul! For me, it was London and Singapore. Now that we already have them, definitely Delhi :(

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