Which airline's 787 Dreamliner do you like the best?

I haven’t even been on a Dreamliner IRL so I don’t know. I do like the look of many of them though, especially United’s (it’s my profile pic).

LATAM duh. All 787s look good though


United’s Boeing 787-8.


I agree, the United 787-8 is beautiful

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A TUI group 787 and ANAs first 787 livery.


Yes!! TUI looks AMAZING!

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Have you been on their 787-8? If so was it to London or Los Angeles?

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R2-D2 ovbiously

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I’ve only been on Thomson’s Dreamliner G-TUIB named Alfie and it was great. Also the livery is amazing.

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Ive been in LAN CC-BGF, CC-BGG

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ANA with the 787 writings on it and R2-D2
China Southern

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I am with @Henrik, I was on the maiden flight of the first United 787-8 (and -9), and I will say, it is my favorite airplane to date.

I’ll second that

I’m with you for how it looks. I don’t know how it is inside, have you been in one @Henrik?

I have about 40 times ;) . It is truly my favorite plane.

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All the operators in general.😀

Yes, I have been in one. The cabin itself was great. Large IFE with a multitude of movies, games, etc.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of the cabin, but I have this wing view photo. :)


Oh wow the wing looks majestic 😱

Either Virgin Atlantic’s 787-9 Or Qatar’s 787-8

How was the service for you? Where were you flying to/from?