Which airline to choose?

I have been saving for a while to fly to Lisbon from Amsterdam in october ( pure pleasure of flying ).
And I want you to decide me which airline I should fly from Lisbon back to Amsterdam!
I chose to fly Level from Amsterdam to Lisbon due to a perfect departure time.
But it’s op to you to choose which one to fly me back in october (I’m asking this so early because my guess is that after Corona everybody will book flights, so I can book directly the right one XD).

I have a few options:

  • TAP
  • Transavia
  • KLM
  • Easyjet
  • Level

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PS: I’m guessing that in october corona will be partially gone.
PPS: Money is no bummer.
PPPS: I thought this was a fun idea, thanks to all the participants!!

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I’ve flown with all of the above, and I was very positively surprised with TAP. Very good service! Of course royal dutch is always a good option as well.

KLM, just because… no other reason really lol except I want to fly with them sometime

And I hate to be this guy but this will get closed because it’s not “Infinite Flight related”

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You can never go wrong with KLM.

But if they switched it to #real-world-aviation would it be appropriate?

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But we’ll let a mod decide so for now we can just go along with the topic!

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Personally, I haven’t loved my KLM experiences, so I voted for TAP!

As this has no relation to Infinite Flight, it should belong in the #real-world-aviation category.

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Below are some helpful resources to help you get started:

Feel free to look at Skytrax, along with other sites, such as flight-report.com, to find details and ratings of the airlines you’ve mentioned.

Happy travels!

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I personally would go with easyJet just because it is cheaper and for a flight that is maybe 2hrs at the most you won’t be getting super uncomfortable and cramped. Take into consideration that I am only speaking from a perspective that would make your bank account happy, I’ve never been to Europe so I haven’t flown on any of these airlines.