which airline is kava ?

hey a quick question…could someone tell me which airline kava is…curious…i have seen people using kava around…never got which airline…i searched but dint get any…

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oh ok…i dont remember where i saw it…

It’s Korean Air Virtual.

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oh ok…thank you…

We are KAV not KAVA. Not sure who that is.

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oh ok…i guess the airline kava remains a mystery…lol

Yes still a mystery. I’ll make sure all our pilots use KAV just incase it was them

Maybe Kiwi Air Virtual…

Kiwi Air is a VA but we don’t go by that. The VA is however being renamed to vNZ

Oh okay, PM me the reason though!

Ooh. Might want to join that cool vNZ you’re talking about. btw remember me from YouTube?

Oh wow, yeah I do! vNZ is still a very small VA but we’re looking to expand quickly with partnerships and a new thread


great. Would love to have a partnership with your VA once our VA is IFVARB approved. It’s Wideroe Virtual, so it’s based in Norway. Could we still do codeshared flights tho?

We’ll take this to pm 🙂

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Yup. Anyway, so KAVA is Korean Virtual?

Take this to a PM. Partnership discussions shouldn’t be made publicly. I’d also recommend focusing on getting your VA approved rather than worrying about codeshares at this time.


Ok. I’ll message ya right now…