Which Airline Has the Best Aircraft Cabin Wise?

Which airline, in your opinion, has the best A350 cabin design, A380 cabin design, and 787 cabin design? For me, the A350 has to be Qatar’s, A380 is Emirates, and 787 is gonna go to, just because its the only airline’s 787 I’ve been on, American. Look at the different features like mood lighting, IFE, seats in general and post below.


I would say 787 Qatar and A380 British Airways First class have a really nice presence and A350 would say Qatar again.


Nice choice! I have been on British Airways A380 and I did enjoy it quite a lot. However not first class, only economy. :(

I’d say for me that the Lufthansa first class cabin has a soothing atmosphere, especially on the 747-8. It just feels private, and the lighting is perfect.

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Virgin America by far. Then United

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Which aircraft that is for Virgin America?

Btw, its supposed to be which airline in ur opinion has the best a380 cabin, 787, and a350 cabin

All of them. A320, A319, A3200 NEO

Oh ok. Well then. Best A380 cabin = Emirates
Best 787 cabin = United
Best A350 cabin = Finnair

I would say that the 787 cabin would have to be JAL or ANA. I’ve never flown a JAL tail, but I’ve flown All Nippon from Osaka to Tokyo, and it was a 3-3-3 9 abreast configuration, with the shell seats. It was cramped seats, but other than that, it was clean. Another bonus was the actually premium economy. It’s a 2-2-2 configuration with recliners, which means you actually get an upgrade, unlike United, where thier premium economy is just an extra two inches or leg room.

JAL on the other hand, still uses all 2-4-2 across, which allows for more width. They also use a bigger TV screen, which is a plus. However, I haven’t flown them yet, so I can’t say for certain.

United is average. It’s better than American, but it’s not on the Japanese level. It’s a cramped 3-3-3 with tight leg room and a small screen, but loads of movie choices make up for that. It wouldn’t be my first choice, but it’s good.

Bottom line is though, any 787 would likely be better than any A330, A350, or 3-4-3 777. The big windows and lower altitude is a noticeable feature, which makes most any Dreamliner experience worth while.

787 BA
A350 Thai
A380 Etihad

I am very lucky to have done the full monty as i got upgraded from business as my seat had a weird bump just were my bum went

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What airlines? Alex hancok

The B787 is still more cramped. The config for that is meant to be 2-4-2 but most airlines use 3-3-3. That being said it’s one more seat per row which makes it just as bad, if not worse than the 3-4-3 configuration on the B777’s. The A350 is mainly 3-3-3 so right now I think that will be best for Passenger comfort.

The British Airways A380

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Nice, you are so lucky. I spend my flights in economy most of the time

I do really but i got a nice paycheck so thought why not and that you only live once and you cant take money with you so…

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Suppose so. I can’t wait for that day to fly something other then economy

The Etihad A380 for sure!

Emirates A380, mist width and legroom.