Which Airline has a Transatlantic Flight with a small Aircraft? (Answer in post 12) [closed]

Qatar also fly an a320 from Doha to London Heathrow.

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Europe Airpost flew a 737-700 transaltantic from France(?) to Canada.

Westjet flies 737-700s transatlantic.

Air Canada flies A319-100s transatlantic.

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First of all I said they so this route and no. The cph - New York route sk901 is operated by privatair 737-800 but the stavanger to Huston is operated by 737-700 Sas livery…

I just said that

Transatlantic flight

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The svg-Ian route is no more. It’s the same plane which says have now redeployed to the CPH-ewr route.

Are you from Greece?

No the plane from svg to Ian was a 737-700wl with registration HB-JJA i am 100 sure. But the sk901 is now private air 737-800wl…

But the HB-JJA was down in Troll research station in south pole. It flew down to Cape Town and then there.

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They stop and refuel in shannon ireland

I was just saying because the answer was already there

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That is very unusual for me to see a a318 doing transatlantic flight

It’s in an all business class configuration. BAW1 follows the same route.

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Incorrect it goes from London City - Shannon - New York


Air Canada with their A320 from Canada to London Heathrow

Air Canada doesn’t operate an A320 from Pearson to Heathrow.

Although, Air Canada operates an A319 from St. John’s to London Heathrow.

On the way out. LCY runway is too small to take off with the fuel needed for the full flight.