Which Airline do you think is the most represented within IF?

Hi all I just wanted to ask for a fun debate in which you think which airline is the most represented within IF?

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maybe the Infinite flight Livery on the A359 772 Cessna 172 😁

I feel like the most common liveries are Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines and American.

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Delta got the whole airbus fleet 😂. Delta VA are sure damn lucky


Agreed lol

Exactly what I say 😂, luckiest VA in all of IF they don’t have to use not a generic livery at all 😂, but they are also a great community I plan to join when I come of age.

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In terms of aircraft, major Canadian and US airlines are pretty well represented, as well as some European ones. China needs some work (China Eastern and China Southern narrowbodies anyone?) Things not looking good though given that IF got blocked in China.


Definitely need the China narrow-bodies, then there can start to be some more action with the China VAs. Russia in my opinion also needs some more work, and Mid-Africa also needs a lot of work, but I think IF realized that so added Rwandair.

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English Speaking America/EU(+UK)/AU contributes for the vast majority of the player base in IF, hence the vast majority of content being based there. The target audience for the game in terms of age is Tween-Teen (prospective/interested in aviation) as a simpler simulator than what would be offered if you loaded up in a game like MSFS. For most people in that age group, if they see something that is easily recognizable/identified as associated with aviation, they flock to it. Eg; “Wow mom, look at this cool game! It even has Delta Airlines!! We flew on them on our vacation last year!!!” If you put both targets together, it equals the answer to why the vast majority of the liveries represent the biggest, greatest airlines that fly the skies in the US/EU. If every livery was from a smaller, less known airline like Volaris, it would miss both of those targets by a large margin.

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Most Represented Airlines in Infinite Flight Pre-Update 21.5

  • Air France (13 liveries)
  • Delta (18 liveries)
  • Air Canada (13 liveries)
  • KLM (14 liveries)
  • British Airways (16 liveries)
  • American (14 liveries)
  • Lufthansa (14 liveries)
  • United (13 liveries)
  • Qatar (10 liveries)

This is my own opinion. Livery count does include special liveries.


I didn’t even know Qatar had that many liveries!

Make that 19 for Delta haha, A339 confirmed

I do know that Delta got another livery but I was counting pre-update 21.5 liveries only or at least the liveries listed on Infinite Flight FPL Converter

American 😂 most American carriers

It got blocked in China?!💀 Do you know why?

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Wow- crazy…! I had no clue they could be that restrictive when it comes to a flight simulator. Thanks for sharing the info!

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BTW I should add that IF servers are actually blocked so you do have to use a VPN if you want to play IF if you visit China (unlikely atm anyways)

British Airways has a pretty large fleet it seems in Infinite Flight. The liveries are incredibly diverse though overall.

Definitely any US military liveries whether that’s USAF or something. Likewise with the callsigns, a few countries here and there, as soon as you get to USAF/US military callsigns and it’s just lists after lists.

Comparing that to a smaller military such as my country’s Royal Australian Air Force, Royal Australian Navy or Royal Australian Army. There are no callsigns and definitely no liveries. When I was in GAF (RAAF), we had to use Moody USAF C-130 livery as that was the closest to the RAAF C-130.

I do respect Americans culture and patriotism but I think that the artists of Infinite Flight should diversify. Just like politicians are supposed to work for their respective citizens, Infinite Flight staff should work on diversifying liveries for all their customers.

Anyway this isn’t a feature request just my opinion on some Infinite Flight liveries. Also I must say that Infinite Flight staff including their artists do an amazing job. My statement is a small issue in the thousands of well done features they’ve made so I wanna keep things in perspective while talking about this issue. Oh also this is for 21.4 and earlier, I haven’t downloaded/don’t have access to 21.5 yet so I don’t know how much this statement will change.