Which airline do you dislike?

Mine would probably be Ryanair.

Also, please do NOT go off topic and argue.

Any reasons why? This is pointless otherwise.


Yep. Definitely Ryanair

Because they train their pilots horribly and have many accidents

Too much money.

Yeah no. They had zero fatal crashes.


No, they don’t. That’s just a dead aviation meme. Please name the source where you found that.


Lies - if you’re going to have a valid argument, please make them realistic.

Before you carry on, a good friend of mine is a Captain Instructor for RyanAir.


Sorry guys but you’re coming in really agressive. I guess I just saw so many aviation memes that I started believing them…

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Memes are not facts :)

I have a minor distaste towards Ryanair because of the type of people that fly them: annoying, rude, condescending passengers and also the fact that they have so little flights to Gatwick.
I still admire the fact that they have amazing deals to every destination but not where I bloody want them.

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Ravn Alaska will NOT fly on them

I may be wrong, but I don’t see how this brings any value to the community. All that is happening is that we are bashing airlines with limited to no reasoning…


Closed before it turns bad.