Which aircraft?

Hi all!
I just have a quick and possibly easy question to answer: I’m looking to do an overnight flight from Sydney to Hong Kong. I am stuck between using the Virgin Australia 777 and Qantas 747. Which one should I pick?

  • Virgin Aus. 777
  • Qantas 747

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I personally like then 777 more then the 747.

My preference

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I’d pick the QF 747! Qantas’s 747s are almost completely gone, and I’d take a last chance to fly one of those. You can also fly on the CX A350 or 77W as well.


I’d prefer to refrain from using the A350 and try to stand out.


The answer is neither - fly the cathay A350 / 777 :)


Again, I want to stand out.

I’m truth… 747 every time. But in IF reality, the physics on the 747 are off and fuel estimating is difficult for long haul.

So for guaranteed completion, 777. For more fun, better looks and the risk of not having enough fuel, 747.

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I see a solution for the 747 issue, may not be realistic but put down some flaps. They work for me when I do a 747 flight.

Extremely close win on the Qantas 747 I see…
Change of plans, I’ll be departing from Brisbane now.

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