Which aircraft would you pilot or travel on?

  • Boeing 787
  • Airbus a350

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787 is life.


Yep @anon31652286 787’s for life!!


Definitely B787 😍

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I like both companies but I mostly fly Boeing. I’ve only been on 4 Arbus flights and 16 Boeing.

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If it ain’t Boeing, ain’t going…




Same I never been on an airplane I would pick 787 for first time flyer

Yep same I would pick Boeing

I would pick 787 sinse I’ve never been on an airplane

I have experience with Saudi Arabian B787-9 and Ethiopian B787-8, it was really amazing flights with both of them.

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I was about to go “Yayaya hommie 757 for life!” But then I saw I had to pick between one I don’t care about and one I flew to Lagos. I picked 787.

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It’s tricky to say because I’ve travelled on the 787 many times before but not the a350.

A350 for 4 reasons.

  1. It’s newer.
  2. It’s rarer.
  3. It’s had less problems so far.
  4. It looks like it has shades on it. 😎

A350 is life❤️


These are three :-) very good points, I just can’t choose Airbus over Boeing.

I’d rather fly Boeing simply due to the yoke as opposed to a side stick.


I would say both but I don’t know know what you would think

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Regarding what exactly?

Just for a short flight I’d go with the A-350 as I’ve already flown on the 787 and so far it’s had much fewer problems. Although, if I was going on a long haul flight and had the option between the A-350 and the 787 I’d choose the 787 since I know what it’s like and I know how not tired I feel after flying on it.