Which Aircraft would you like to see with Wingflex?

Lol. I think the Super Declathon(or whatever the name is) would be better though


lol wheres the a380? It has more wing flex than most the aircraft up there…

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I’d say the A320 because I remember those turbulent and stormy takeoffs with the wing shaking and flexing. It looks so awesome.

A 4 engine aircrafz, si 747 or a340 because the outer engines flex then also :D

Easily the 747-400… To me it seems to have more wing flex than the -8, don’t ask why I just see it like that.

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Perhaps but an A330 with as much would just as primo.

Personally I like the 777 better.


Yeah. All wings bend a bit. The 172s bend just a bit in flight and you can seem them like bounce when you go over bumps

Boeing 777 (Especially B77L/B77W) because of the wingtips! They look so sexy with wingflex omg

I notice that airbus planes dont have much wingflex in them. There kind of stiff

I love the wingflex on the 777s. <3333

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747-8 not -800 first of all

Second please add the 330 in. Heavies tend to have more wing flex than small jets.

My vote: 330, 340, 380, 767, 777


Why not the 747-8??

Interesting that you brought this up! I have posted a forum post similar to what you are saying here: Why do Airbus wings tend to flex less than Boeing Wings?

The community was nice enough to explain theories on why this is the case.

Wouldn’t wing flex become irrelevant because of such short wingspan

If you think it about it properly, it would not be irrelevant.

I think anything with winglets would be nice. I recently was on a Sunwing flight and we encountered some light-moderate turbulence, and the wing flex with the split winglets look amazing!

I think the a340 would look amazing, with it, but i dont think ill buy it anytime soon,

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I would love to see the A320 family with it! A319 BA livery with wing flex would look sooo good! 😄

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CCX, 747-8 Plz!