Which Aircraft Types Fit Which Airports and Go to Which Parking Spots or Gates?

I thought it would be best to bump this topic since the latest discussions about the TFR at KASE and stuff.

How difficult would it be to create a method to only show the airports a certain aircraft can take off from after selecting one and also only showing the gates where it can spawn?

So when a 787 has been chosen, every airport that is too small would disappear from the list and also every gate that is too small would disappear from the lists with gates of remaining airports.

When feasible it would solve a lot of issues.

Especially when the TFR is only visible after spawning, which is currently the case.

Jan you will have seen from the new charts. Almost 600 of our airports now have gate sizes defined. The metadata defines, size, type (military/airline/cargo/GA) and (gate/hangar/tie down/misc). This is now possible. Only 300 more airports to update.

That’s great!!
Can’t wait to be able to use those.

My point is about the IF interface preventing you from spawning at a small airport with a large aircraft that is too large.
The next step would be not allowing to spawn at a small gate.
How difficult would it be to implement a feature like that?

Very difficult. Since the max size allowed isn’t universal for a specific class.

Doable sure. Existing aircraft can be classified by actual size to the 6 different sizes we currently have. Also the type cargo/military/airline/ga can be used, If the lookup table compares the size and type of plane in IF then all the non-relevant gates for that airport could be suppressed. Of course you would need to pick your aircraft before you select your airport for viable options.

I am sure that this is not high on the IF list but may be done some day.

Meanwhile Cameron intends to include this in the Live Flight app. This way you can see whether a gate is already taken. Check with @Cameron

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