Which Aircraft Types Fit Which Airports and Go to Which Parking Spots or Gates?


Again I searched but couldn’t find the right answer.

I’ve seen complaints about pilots being at the wrong parking spots or gates because of the size of their aircraft.

I’ve also ended up choosing a 747 and a parking spot / gate that didn’t go together.

How do I know which types of aircraft go where?
Are there charts for each airport that state all the gates and parking spots including the aircraft types?

It could be a General question, but also a Feature question.

Would automatic filtering parking spots and gates per aircraft type for each airport be an option?


Go see @Kilt_McHaggis’s website. It shows you what airlines go to which terminal.

I know, but not which types of aircraft!

Take EHAM for instance. It’s HUGE!!!
I know that B is only for small types. Bigger types go to D and up.
I know that because I know EHAM. It’s one of the few airports I know, so…

Use google earth and find it. Once you’ve found one with a large aircraft, Google a terminal map and see the exact gate it uses.

I have defined which aircraft livery goes to which terminal but have yet to populate the aircraft type. There is a selection in the airport editor where you can define the class of aircraft.
Heavy Jet

This class is currently not passed through to the IF model. The only check done is that heavy jets cannot fly to and from Delta and Echo class airports.

I would be willing to flag on my airport charts the class of aircraft for each gate. Sadly there is no knowledge base to provide this.

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I could also use Flightradar24.com, set the map to satellite and hopefully see where the different aircraft types are located, but I was hoping for a simpler solution.

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Simpler solution is look at the spacing between the yellow likes. This should be quite visible from the Tarmac. Only problem is you have already spawned there. I could provide a closer view of the terminal with the yellow lines. It would be more evident that way.

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Shouldn’t there be a database filled with this information for all airports?
Or is this info only available to local ATC?

I will present some closeup snapshots of EHAM when I get back and you will see what I mean. I have an idea I will try when I get back. Snapshots of the library model from WED with some aircraft added for spacing.

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Example of Terminal D

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Look at line spacing between yellow jet outlines
747 v MD80 v CRJ100 v Turboprop

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EHAM Terminal F
You can see how you can use the yellow lines as reference. Is my jet too big?

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Not too big. Should fit just fine!

OK here is what I have:
Main Site: http://kiltmchaggis.com
Click on Amsterdam: http://kiltmchaggis.com/tikiwiki1/tiki-index.php?page=Amsterdam
You will see all Bravo and Charlie airports in this region. Also which liveries fly from this airport
Click on EHAM under 'Schematic": http://kiltmchaggis.com/tikiwiki1/tiki-index.php?page=EHAM
Overview of the airport
Click on the Terminal A-D: http://kiltmchaggis.com/tikiwiki1/tiki-index.php?page=EHAMA
All gates and who flies from which Concourse OR
Click on the Terminal E-H: http://kiltmchaggis.com/tikiwiki1/tiki-index.php?page=EHAMB
All gates and who flies from which Concourse RED = Heavy Jet gates (e.g. 747 / A380)

Let me know your feedback

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A + B are for KLM Fokker 70 (not in IF) and Embraer 190.
C is for B737
Every next letter is for a bigger plane, sort of.

Right. My simple map is RED = Heavy Jet e.g. 747/A380. Was thinking of keeping it simple.

The A380 can only park at G9 and E17.

This may be true but that is equipment specific (i.e. jetbridge capability). Mapping this across ALL airports in IF would be challenging. I am guessing there are not many people who know definitively which jetbridges match. For the purpose of IF as long as the spacing can accomodate we should be happy (i.e. wing tip to wing tip). Being any more specific than this would be a challenge to keep up with :)

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There are only 2 colors for the numbers RED = Heavy Jet and YELLOW = Regional Jet. If you see green then those gate numbers are in the other chart.

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