Which aircraft to get?

NEW POLL: Which aircraft to get?

  • A321
  • A330
  • B767
  • B757

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I already have the Dash 8, 789, 77W and the A340.


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The A321 is free.


I know that would be long but wait untill we know which aircraft will be reworked next

They are all old models but in my opinion the A330 is the best although there are not that many liveries compared to the B757


I meant 319

@Carson could you change the 321 to 319 and add the Citation? Thanks.

Please don’t tag them


Please don’t tag the devs unless it’s a major bug. Thanks :)

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Okay, sorry.

  • A319
  • A330
  • 767
  • 757
  • Citation

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Poll should look like this.

Please delete this topic. Thanks

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