Which aircraft should I buy?

A330-200F has an u realistic liverie, that ine from UPS( If I am right) i would take the 739, and I never have tailstrikes.

And you are mot worries about the UPS liverie but still the 739 is much better and has more liveries

I’ll get the 739 then.

The 737-900 is much better!

Although you gotta consider that some liveries are wrong.
Still wondering why it has been closed: Boeing 737-900/ER

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Buy the 737-900 I think it is a lot better than the a330-200F more liviers and I don’t like cargo planes so much.

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I would go for the Boeing

My card expired :(

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Lol in that case go for 739, lots of fantastic liveries! (Ukraine International all the way!)

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I´m not so worried about the liveries, I´m more interested in the flight model.
Maybe David thought you were requesting the 737-900ER, and he closed the topic.

Imo I feel the A330 series, including the freighter is underdeveloped in regards to flight model.

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It would be nice to fly if it had nice physics, but for now, I´ll go for the 737-900.

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