Which aircraft manufacturer do you like the best? (Poll)

Which aircraft manufacturer do you like the best? [poll type=multiple min=1 max=6 public=true]

  • Airbus
  • Boeing
  • Bombardier
  • Embraer
  • Cessna
  • Beech
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This is a duplicate.


Beat me to it ! Just for the record Boeing is my choice …

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Just choose every option except for airbus😂


What grade are you in IF?

Amen Brother!

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Boeing votes totally bombarded Airbus.


I am a Grade 3… with 74,000 xp

why all the hate for airbus at least they are not stealing tax payer money? and building war machines.

Let’s not get this argument started … Again 😉

I would only mind if my tax money was spent on Airbus, Boeing not so much as it going to a worth cause 😳😂

Awsome! I’m at Grade 4 with 101,000. Once you get that green label on your plane, people at Grade 1 and 2 give way to you most of the time

lol… ok haha

yep money that could be spent on health care and infrastructure spent on aircraft used for private companies seems fair?

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I was being sarcastic , of course I care what happens with tax payers money :)

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sorry ): i dont want to start fight either


No worries , I should of mentioned I was being sarcastic in my original post :)

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Please do not start a fight

A fight was never or going to happen , it was a bit of miscommunications from both parties. Don’t worry we are both fine and happy :)


We should not start an argument about Airbus and Boeing. But I believe this is a duplicate topic buddy. Btw, I’m Grade 4 with 112,000+ XP, so welcome to the club!

If someone wants to have an argument about Boeing vs Airbus just PM me:-D

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