Which aircraft is better?

Whats your problem read full topic

I know manual landing :) I am grade 3. Also I like to fly F14 and F22 … I just replied to that post as I felt the user is new in our IF family :) it helps grade 1 pilots to land safely and learn how to line up for landing

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What when i say i m grade 5

Oh sorry, I thought those were the ones you wanted, maybe get the 737 or the C130

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that means you are an expert he he … you know far better than all of us :)

Would highly recommend the 767.

Yes its just a joke thanks for suggest

Ohhhhh mannn read the full topic …

:) usually new players ask this question he he … so I replied keeping them in mind for future reference to them …

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Get the A320/319/318. I’d recommend the A318.


You should make that more clear. :) I recommend either the A320 or B738.

The 787 is the best aircraft in infinite flight . Then the a320 is second best. All of the newer aircraft are better than the older models

The a320 is so fun I promise you wouldn’t regret to get that beauty.

You must learn to read :) go to school before playing flightsims

I can safely argue that grades does not have anything to do with knowledge about flying principles and aircraft. I have seen everything from pitch-down final approaches, overshooting the localized, and much more even for those who are at Grade 3 or higher.


Buy another 787 variant, or an A320 variant.

Definitely the 787, it’s one of the best graphics and physics wise.

LOL Yep, I ddint see the “I have” haha

If that is the case, then @Turkish_Captain I’d recommend the C-130. LMAO


You are not the only one haha! ;)

You’re going to argue that we have to learn to read? It’s not learning to read, it’s clearly stating your topic before posting. I’m sure most people who have replied on this thread didn’t see the “I have” part. Please be aware of how you post. ;) Good day.