Which aircraft do you want to see first? [Poll]

What commercial airliner would you like to see first?

  • A350
  • Concorde
  • MD-11
  • DC-10
  • Other (Comment Below)

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I would love to see Concorde for global, It would help a lot with trans-Atlantic flights.


I don’t like any of them, but if I had to choose one I would say A350. I highly despise the Concord and I’m not a fan of the other retired aircraft listed.

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What’s wrong with Concorde?

We need a trijet, I would love to see the DC-10, MD-11, or 727.


I agree and I would’ve put the 727 but I want to see out of the most requested commercial aircraft which one was the most popular.

It’s no longer in service, but if they added it to IF you would see them being flown everywhere in live which would be so highly unrealistic.

I would like to see another business jet or an aircraft such as the TBM 930.

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737 MAX, than A350, than MD11, than Concorde!


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1 Club Concorde may be bringing it back into service and 2 Should we just wait for the boom plane because those will be used much more than Concorde starting 2017

MD-11 all the way! We need to have a tri-jet already!

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Similar but not duplicate. The a350 we need a heavy aircraft to be majorly refreshed, only the 787 (eh wouldn’t call it a heavy like 777,a330) and the a320 have been.

The A350 would be awesome!

I can’t wait until IF adds a tri-jet

I’d love to see the A350 it’s such a beautiful aircraft

Gostaria em ver o Boeing 737- 800 da Gol

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A350 because its becoming more frequent in the world right now and it is a must have!

Aero commander 500


An Ilyushin 62.