Which aircraft do you want to have the FDS livery next? [Poll]

Following the release of the IFAO I thought it’d be a good idea to see what airplane people would want the Infinite Flight livery on next😄. I have learned from previous topics that these go in the General Category and not the Features category so don’t change it.

  • a330-200F
  • a330-200
  • a340-600
  • a380-800
  • 717-200
  • 737-800
  • 737-900
  • 747-200
  • 747-400
  • 747-8
  • 757-200
  • 767-300
  • 777-200F
  • 777-300ER
  • Cessna 208
  • E-170
  • E-175
  • E-190
  • E-195
  • Other (please comment)
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I haven’t included the military jets, aircraft like the shuttle carrier or aircraft with the livery already for obvious reasons (and because polls only let you have 20 options)😄, although if you want the livery on these please comment.

This is just a bit of fun and I don’t expect and/or want the devs to use these results because in all fairness it’s their game, not ours, It’s up to them to chose liveries.

Also haven’t included the Crj200, 787 and a321 because they only have one livery (and it only allows 20 options in a poll) And I haven’t included GA aircraft (if you want any of these please select “other”

  1. Would be better with a -200 but a -300 is just fine

I hate when I make errors on polls because you can’t change them, sorry if I saw that I would’ve changed it 😢

Would be better if a user could select more than 1 possible answer in the poll.
I think the A330 needs more liveries, for example Airberlin and Turkish Airlines.
And the 737-800/900 need more.
Think that the B737 is one of the most sold aircrafts and a lot of Airlines bought this plane.

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I meant I would prefer an IF livery for the Boeing 767-200 versus the already existing Boeing 767-300. It’s not your fault, just a preference of mine

@Henrik_B this would be interesting for us with IFAO ;)

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Do you guys think it’s safe to assume that all of Infinite Flight’s future planes will have an FDS livery?

Sure would. :)

Not sure which aircraft to pick though. Which one did you pick?

A fds 747 would be neat to see.

Did you not see the error with the a330-200 (it should be -300) sorry that’s what I thought you were on about😄

Honestly, the A380 would be huge news if it had an FDS livery

You get a clearer result with a “one choice poll” if you give people two or three choices they chose there favourite, 2nd favourite and 3rd favourite meaning if everyone’s 3rd favourite was the C208 it would win the poll😄

Yeah, I was thinking between the B744/8 and the A388

It seems like nobody wants IFAO to get E-Jets😄

I think we need the A388 in FDS livery. That would be awesome.

We already have the CCX in the FDS livery, so that’s sort of the same size as the E-170.

They have different purposes though, the CCX is used for charter flights and the E-170 is used for regional flights, that’s said I would prefer the a380 to the E-Jets I’m just suprised nobody has picked them😄

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yes it’s a clearer result, but you can also find a “middle” between all other answers. Then it’s not important like 2nd, 3rd…

The new livery on the Citation X would be nice, I’m stuck with the 2014 one. 2015 livery on Citation X Please!

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