which aircraft do you use for medium and long flights?


I’ve always been curious to know which aircraft you use for long and short flights!


Long haul any Boeing aircraft above 767 medium hauls 737s or a321s short hauls crj200s

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I use the A380 for short hauls and the C172 for long hauls exclusively


I tend to prefer the 787 for long hauls.


Me too C172 is the most underrated aircraft in IF I must admit.


long flight I prefer to use the Boeing 787 and for short flight use C172

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For medium it depends.
The 767, A330 are fun aircraft, the 787 is also good.
For long hauls I use the A380, 787 series, 747s also.


for very long flights I use the B772L & B772F (between 18 to 20 flight hours) and for my usual flights I use the B787 (especially because of the cockpit light on the night flights) and for regional flights I use A319, A320 and A321 (sometimes I use B737) and for pattern F-14 (I know this was not requested)


I use 777s or 787s for long hauls tot he featured airport


I use A320 and 787/8 for short and medium range; 787/9, A380, 777, A340 and 747 for the long haul. Hello!


The Boeing 787 is design for medium-long haul flight, so I will use the 787 in this situation.


I would use larger aircraft like the A330, A380, A340, 767, 777, 747, and 787. But actually, I feel like I would use the 757-300, as its great for medium to semi-long haul routes. Its landing and takeoff distance is also far superior to the larger aircraft.


so far

short/medium flights: A320, A321, B787

medium/long flights: A330, B787, B777, B747


Boing 787s are perfect for anything you really need. As in regards to short haul, it would have to depend upon the route. However, the aircraft most commonly used by me for short haul flights would be the Airbus A318s/A319s/A320s. The Boeing 737-700, 737-800, and 737-900 all work very well too though.


A320/737/757 for medium haul, ERJ/CRJ/Q400 for short haul and I don’t have time to do long haul.


Definitely the a321 for medium and long haul the 773ER!


Long haul: 777, A380, 787
Short haul: 737, A320


I use whatever aircraft the real route uses unless the aircraft is not in the sim then I use the closest possible plane to that missing aircraft that is in the sim


Short Hauls: 777-300ER, A320 & 321

Medium Hauls: 777-200/300ER, 787-8 & A330-300

Long Hauls: 777-300ER, 787-9 & A380-800

Ultra Long Hauls: 777-300ER, 777-200LR, A380-800 & 787-8 / 787-9

The 777-300ER is my main aircraft to go for. It can offer to fly for shorter flights as done by many airlines across the globe, but also go for the very long 10+ flights crossing oceans and continents, to reach the other side of Earth by dawn. So it is and will be predominant aircraft for me to fly in terms of flying in general. But the 787, A380 also make the 2-3 times on certain routes lengths, mostly Medium and Long Hauls.

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I always fly with B777. Both short haul flight, medium haul flight, and long haul flight. Even if I doing ultra long haul flight. I always fly with B777