Which aircraft do you think is more safe to travel on?

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I agree with you. Every plane that is flying has to pass the same standards for safety! :)

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I don’t see how a missing window shade is detrimental to safety. Care to explain?

I also forgot third time in one week a Qantas Airbus a330 returned to Brisbane because of a malfunctioning engine

Calm down, there’s no need to start raging at an Airbus hater because you’re a Airbus fan. It’s not about tarring, I can name a potentially fatal flaw that plagues every Airbus aircraft manufactured after ~2000.

Got a source on that? I don’t see any occurance records on my sources.

I did manage to find a lot of issues on the 747. Engine issues, wing cracks, blown tires, gear issues, smoke on board, fires, quite interesting that these issues are not only confined to Airbuses (or Airbii, if you prefer).

I know the a330 has some flaws especially the qantas ones idk why they always play up but i still love the a330 its such an amazing machine and i love flying on it:)

It happened this morning it was on the Australian Tv show sunrise at about 9:00 this morning

It’s quite interesting, after a quick google search, the engines that power the A330 is the same family of engines that powers the -ER fleet of the fleet that inspired your username. Therefore, according to your logic, all Boeings in the QF fleet are unsafe.

A320neo is the right thing not only that it’s 2015 also better safty

If theyre so dangerous why has qantas been awarded worlds safest airline 3 times in a row?

That’s why I wrote in a caveat stating that it’s under his/her logic. I think the QF fleet is quite safe, but he has this notion that the Airbuses are unsafe due to their engines having a few incidents. I’m just following his line of logic, my opinion is completely separate.

I agree or the 747-8I

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