Which aircraft do you own?

Hi everyone,

English is not my mother tongue so I will ask a stupid question, sorry. 😂

When you apply to VA, they ask you : “Wich aircraft do you own?”… heeeuuu… If I had the budget to own my 747 I would not be here! Haha

So… for sure it mens somethin else.

Thank you for not laughing… 😂 Nhaa… ok you may laugh

They are asking which aircraft you own in IF. like which ones you have purchased in the sim

Oh!! For those who didn’t by the subscribtion?

Thank you!

I would assume so every VA is different though I would double check with them :)

Hi, @Michel_Bourgeois

From my understanding, the #live:va category is for virtual airlines and their threads. #live is a more proper place to ask a question like this.

Now on the question, my understanding is they are asking you what aircraft do you own if you do not own live, but I am not sure. It would be best to PM the the VA staff to ask this question.


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It was a question concerning only VAs so I’ve post it in VA/LIVE, because I didn’t see “only VA” channel. But it went automaticaly to LIVE so I moved it after to VA/LIVE… you suggest me to post it in LIVE and then… somebody moved it to GENERAL… easy enough! haha

Unless you don’t have the Global update, you either have the free aircraft (without a Pro subscription) or you have all the aircraft (with a Pro subscription).
If you don’t have a Pro subscription, you probably won’t be able to fly in a VA.
Therefore… VAs should probably take this question out of their applications since all the applicants should already have all the aircraft unlocked in the first place.

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Or it was a I.Q. test and I failed! haha


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