Which AIRAC number in the IF?

Hello friends!
Can anyone tell me which AIRAC number of the IF? As I have a navgraph signature, there are new procedures that in IF are not available yet. I am grateful if anyone knows.
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I dont know what airac is IF using but looks like is outdated. What procedures are you looking for?

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I’m using Airac Cycle 2105

Ik but are you looking for any new procedure that is not in IF yet?

I would like to know which airac what if is stopped to put in the simbrief.

Ah, i have no idea 🤷🏼‍♂️

What i use to have all the new waypoints in the latest airac is this website by adam.

Just download the KML file from simbrief :) this will convert coordinates over to waypoints

Thanks for the help I know this tool. I really wanted to know what the number is to synchronize with charts along with navigraph.

IF’s navigation provider is NavBlue, their website stating:

Updated at every AIRAC Cycle or based on your specific needs.

I looked there on the Navblue website and I can’t find it @Tsumia.

It implies that the latest AIRAC cycle is being used, which I believe is 2105.

Yea! This is the last one, but thanks.

Looking into it, I made a bit of an oopsie. IF doesn’t update their NavBlue data regularly, so the AIRAC will be a little bit older, the number I cannot necessarily confirm. Apologies for that.


I thank you very much for your attention. I really wanted to know what that old number is.

Given they were released with 20.1 - which came out May/June last year - I would expect it to likely be either 2003 or 2004 (maybe 2005 but unlikely).

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I got the information that we probably have 2004 @BennyBoy_Alpha 😉👍

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