Which A32x are you looking forward to the most? ✈️

I’m surprised this hasn’t been asked yet (but please feel free to merge if necessary)

Which part(s) of the A32x family are you looking forward to the most?

  • A318
  • A319
  • A320
  • A321

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First Officer Tom

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A321-Most pleasant of the A320 family in my opinion.

A318-It is an interesting and cute little guy :). I wish it enjoyed more popularity.

Interesting how the A320 has not received any votes yet…


I think it has the best “looks” of the lot.

Definitely the A318. When I saw it on Matts Instagram, I knew one of my wishes came true!

A319 and a320 are the ones I like.but it doesn’t look like the a319 will be added ):

If the A321 is going to feature the TK livery, it will be my favorite. Otherwise the A320.

I’ll buy every A32x, though.

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Yes, I have for the same opinion.

Maybe one of the A31X/32X will get like the 737 BBJ, so that a User needs 20 IAP , to get the "special " liveri of the Aircraft.
And the other ones could be via IAP or free.

IAP= In-App-Purchase

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It’s probably going to be the A318 as they have the FDS Livery on it already. :)


Ok, you maybe know or better, because I’m not much following this.
My text above was only like a Suggestion or guess…

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I was just taking a random guess, but I’m pretty sure 75% it will be the A318.


Lets get surprised when the update comes