Which 787 should I buy?

which aircraft should I buy

  • 787-8
  • 787-9

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Hope this post can help you with choosing :)


i really don’t know, the 787-9 has air new Zealand that I like and Qantas I think, but 787-8 has Jetstar what I also like but im going to go with the 787-9 but then since im getting internet, i could save up but im going with 787-9

Whichever one you think will suit you, go for that one ;)

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To add to what @CaptainDawud said, which liveries are you more likely to fly

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That’s funny when I voted it was 50 50

honestly, the 788 has the best liveries in my opinion but the 789 is more stable in wind conditions and has the American Airlines livery. they have their pros and cons

Agreed :) Yes the 787-9 has some wonderful liveries like Air NZ, American and Virgin Atlantic, but the 787-8 is also nice for me since it has Air Austral, Avianca, LOT and Kenya! But I like more the 787-9 though.

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I like the 787-10 better because of the house colours